Sunday, March 25, 2012



If you're aware, why does it take me so long to update my blog? 
Why? Cos of... I was in Paris, Brussels, London and Amsterdam....
Enjoy my photos!!

ini fun-fair-jigsaw nie dekat dengan Eiffel Tower

with my love in Paris!
Actually I x penah terpikir nak ke Paris.. Ingat nak buat Europe Tour nextyear. Sebab keje punye pasal so terpaksalah pegi.. We went there in Dec 2011 (my first trip) and early Feb 2012 (hahaa second trip!)
Dua-dua trips memang sejuk.. from -4'C to 10'C.. 

I went for souvenir shopping and my hubby jaga anak yg lena tido..

LV kat sini macam kita shopping kat MV gitu.. ramai giler orang! walaupon sale but still RM2k above =)

In Malaysia we have JPO.. kat Paris dah lama dah 'La Valle Village'
Amat murah OK! Dun forget to come here when you're in Paris. Very easy to get here.. naik train aka LRT jer..

As usual lah.. my hubby puny fav when we're in oversea. To buy us HRC Tshirts!
OK.. next my trip to Brussels..London..Amsterdam..

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