Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ayu Shopalista in Seoul, Korea - Part I

Hahhh!!! Baru nak update.. kenape Ayu busy sangat nak update blog?
Sebab Ayu ke sana ke sini.. kerja mencari rezeki sambil jalan2 cuci mata kat negara orang...

Life has been so busy lately that I feel like I'm just living in a constant state of tiredness.
Just moving along to the next thing....
 Most of my time I’ve been busy. I’m always on the go! always doing something!
I hope all of you my followers will understand when I cant reply your order within 24 hrs!
But I'll do.. I'll do my best to response in 12 hrs at least!
Huhuuu.. mebbe I need Ms Assistant to help me.. but she's only 2 y-o heheee (my dotter lorrr)

jom tengok photo2 yg sempat ayu snap..

photo nie in front of our hotel..
very easy to get here.. from airport.. amik bus sampai Hotel Prima =) about 25k won
service hotel ni memang superb. i likeee! siap payungkan bila hujan okey..
cab juga sangatlah banyak... angkat tgn jer terus cab depan mata!

we tot we can get our 6th HRC Tshirt from Seoul but it's closed!
closed forever i think...

Halal Food can be found only at Itaewon Market..
kami makan dinner kat Usmaniah International Restaurant.. about 10 mnts jer from our hotel..

Fried rice for me and dd.. sweet corn porridge for our bb

bb and mama depan Prima Hotel

Okey.. will be continued.. Part II in Seoul

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