Saturday, September 17, 2011


code: LMHD
(long maxi hoody dress)

material: high quality of cotton shirt
size: shirt length: 120 cm; hoodie: 95-100 cm, arm length, 50-55 cm

price: RM99 (USD34)
all SOLD !!
only grape purple AVAILABLE

left: scarlet pink, royal blue, red, black, arabian red, grape purple


bosnishmuslima said...

Dear Shopalista,

I'm interested in theses dresses for wholesale. Please give information if wholesale possible and the wholesale price. How much and how long is shipment to Germany?
Is this all in One Size? Are any other colors available?

You can email me at:

the^shopalista said...

TQ @bosnishmuslima! can get better price for wholesale. will email you dearest..

Anonymous said...

salam akak dress ni untuk org saiz L,Xl bolh masuk x??

the^shopalista said...

saiz L & XL pon boleh..

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum, nak tanye kalau xl tu punggung die size berape? ade sampai 32 tak?

Anonymous said...

1. masih available tak this dress dlm warna royal blue?
2. include hoodie inner atau kena beli asing?

AndItWhispered said...

Hello :) I realllyyy want this dress in arabian red or black for Eid.. but only purple is available. Will you be restocking soon?
Thanks ^_~

the^shopalista said...

hi we open for pre-order. Pls email me at

diana said...

Hi Shopalista,
i'm interesting buying this dress in arabian red and black. Are you having any of them in stock right now ?
And are they one size and what is there lenght?
Thank you,