Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hijab Inspiration

When we talk about 'hijab', it means covering and protecting.  In Islam, Muslim women suppose to cover their whole body no matter whether they are use to it or not. As Muslimah, we are supposed to do it. The word of 'Hijab' is not only the hijab outside.. The most important is the Hijab of our soul, our actions, our body, our words, our eyes, our ears, our mind and everything that we do. Islam teaches us how to be the real Muslimah, though Islam is "Against" the use of pressure or force. The hijab should be from both sides.  

 Hijab style with Hana Tajima and her gorgeous friends from her stylecovered

Hijab or for that matter any good action should only be for Allah. Once, we get this idea into our mind and soul, then nobody can influence us. The message is to do it for Allah and only Allah. It will protect all the ugly evil eyes to see me. Guys also can wear hijab by respect in their eyes while talking to ladies unless you're her hubby or daddy.

Inspiring Indonesian lady, Dian Pelangi with her colorful rainbow
 I know for sure when we say 'hijab', I don't think peoples will define it as a beauty since the word hijab means something that prevent someone or limit something =) Its just a wonderful feeling to do anything only and only for Allah. Try it sometime and you'd love it... Salam.

 This is me! hehee thanks to Mr. Google
My own pic? Coming soon... InsyAllah

 { Ayu Qaseh }

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