Friday, January 28, 2011


Before I introduce you girls with my latest abaya design,
I'm thinking of the name for my latest collections..
My beloved hubby suggested our daughter's name, Qaseh..
That was so great!
Now I present you our Exclusive Premium Qaseh Abaya

"Qaseh Abaya @Shopalista"
Simple yet adorable
 From left: Qaseh Abaya Code (01 purple, 02 dark pink, 03 green indigo)

 From left: Qaseh Abaya Code (04 light pink, 05 blood red, 06 baby indigo) 

 Pre-order (1-3 weeks delivery upon payment)
Size 36: Shoulder (13.5), bust (~36), hips~38, length (40), waist (34)
Size 38:
Shoulder (14), bust (~38), hips~40, length (40), waist (36)
Size 40:
Shoulder (15), bust (~40), hips~42, length (40), waist (38)

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Anonymous said...

Hw much in Australian dollers each