Sunday, November 19, 2006

paris hilton 2006

Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton

Nicole Richie says there is "no chance" she will kiss and make up with Paris Hilton. The 'Simple Life' star insists the pair's friendship is over and was finished a long time before they went public with the split. Nicole told US chat show host Tyra Banks: "We haven't been friends in about three years. There was no falling out. We're just not the same people." The denial of a reunion comes just days after Paris and Nicole were reported to be friends again.‘The Simple Life’ stars were filmed talking on the telephone on Friday (22.09.06) - the first time they have spoken since they fell out over a year ago. Paris called Nicole to wish her a belated happy 25th birthday. Nicole took the call while she was filling her car with gas and was so over-excited about talking to her friend that she dropped her phone.It is not known what came between the best friends, who have known each other since they were children, but Paris and Nicole seemed happy to be speaking to each other again.

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan “good friends” again

First, she makes up with Nicole Richie and now Paris Hilton has patches up her differences with former friend Lindsay Lohan too.The previous partying pals fell out last year after Paris “stole” Stavros Niarchos from Lindsay’s friend, Mary-Kate Olsen. After several months of bickering, Paris made the infamous “Firecrotch” video about Lindsay with friend Brandon Davis (who, incidentally, is also Lindsay’s friend again now) and Lindsay accused Paris and Brandon of hacking into her voicemail service and leaving prank calls.But now the two have put their past feuds behind them and celebrated their reunion with a weekend in Las Vegas together last weekend.Paris told LuxeLife: “Lindsay and I were sitting around in LA with no plans and no dates so we decided to just come to Vegas and party.” “Lindsay and I are good friends and we both are single, solo and love Vegas, so why not on the spur of the moment just fly in?”Lindsay added: “We’re here for fun and we’re going to enjoy it.”The pair stayed at the Palms Hotel and were spotted gambling in the hotel’s casino until the earlier hours of the morning.

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